Thursday, 18 September 2014

INSTAR Announces Its First Ever Annual Conference In Mumbai “INSTAR Mumbai – 2014”

INSTAR Announces Its First Ever Annual Conference in Mumbai
“INSTAR Mumbai – 2014”
“How To Practice Third Party Assisted Reproduction Ethically & Within Legal Framework”

To further inform and educate interested parties in ART and third party reproduction, Indian Society for Third Party Assisted Reproduction is organizing a conference on 
Third Party Reproduction on 2nd November at the  J.W.Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai.

INSTAR is a registered society dedicated to the cause of infertility –ART and third party reproduction. 

INSTAR is established with the aim of protecting the rights of all the Parties involved in this treatment process. All members of INSTAR have declared to be morally guided by the National Guidelines for ART published by the ICMR, that guide practice across India in Third Party 

INSTAR intends to organize various activities to bring awareness and 
create positive attitude towards this cause. INSTAR has organized a very prestigious a conference on  " Third Party Reproduction 
"How to practice ethically & within the legal framework" on 2nd November at the J.W.Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai

We expect approximately 500 participants which include all those who 
are directly or indirectly involved in Third Party Reproduction in India. 

Dr.Mrs. Kaushal Kadam
Organizing Chairperson 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


To INSTAR -- Hello,

I am Karuna Madan, representing the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper of Japan. It is also the largest circulated newspaper of the world. We are planning a story in Anand, Gujarat on surrogacy as a large number of such clients are from Japan. Having said that, I wanted to seek some help from you in fixing one or two interviews, if possible of surrogate mothers, anywhere in India. Also if you are okay with it, we (me and our South Asia bureau chief Mr Norimasa Tahara) wanted to interview you on statistics and other details of surrogacy in India. Is it possible that I get your phone number and fix up with you or you prefer email exchanges?


Karuna Madan,
Principal Correspondent,
The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper,
350, Block No. D-26,
Chhattarpur Hills,
New Delhi - 110074
The Press Club of India,
New Delhi
The Foreign Correspondents' Club of South Asia,
New Delhi

Dear Karuna

Thank you for the E mail. You can speak to Dr Himanshu Bavishi the President of INSTAR on phone on 0091-
We would like to inform you that after the new Ministry of Home Affairs Guidelines were brought to the notice of Indian surrogacy practitioners in 2013, to our knowledge, no new cases of Japanese couples have had surrogacy treatment in India.

We would also like to inform you that as per statistics from leading Indian clinics to our knowledge less than 50 babies a year are born for Japan and it is inaccurate to State that "large number of clients are from Japan".

India is not an option for Japanese couples for surrogacy since more than a year and a half.

We are very hopeful that accurate information will reach your readers through your papers and through our blog

INSTAR can request its member ART Banks to find out of a surrogate mother will be willing to speak to your news paper, however with small numbers and no patients for treatment we are not sure of the relevance at this stage

We would like to understand your story better
We look forward to hearing from you

With Regards

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

From Norway -- Surrogacy build families !!

"We are very grateful to SCI Healthcare and to our two surrogate mothers. Without them we would not have had our two wonderful children, Indigo and Violette.

From Israel- Surrogacy build families !!

There are happy grandmama and grandpapa here
We wish you success in your struggle!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Another supporter of our surrogates and INSTAR...

An Illusion, A DREAM 

It has come true!

She has given us life!!!

 We think that surrogacy makes happy many families, improving the economic conditions of other families.

We think that the surrogacy is based on the freedom of families to search and to find a solution to your needs.

Monday, 21 April 2014

INSTAR: Preliminary findings from the survey for consensus statement for Egg Donation in India

One of the most important tasks to be confirmed at the INSTAR workshop held on the 20th of April, was work towards a consensus statement on Egg Donation in India. This will  match previous work done by INSTAR  on the minimum agreed upon standards for  all surrogates across India.

Please see our Preliminary results below:

Dr. Himanshu Bavishi introducing the Workshop

 Findings from the first Survey for Consensus Statement on Egg Donation: INSTAR Scientific Consensus Committee –

Participants 60 - Prominent ART / IVF Specialists of India, ART Banks, Hon Supreme Court of India Advocates, psychological Counsellors

1.   What should be the minimum compensation for egg donors in India (instead of commercial the term compensated is used -- many countries who do commercial even use the term altruistic as it is compensating for time and effort and loss of wages and not commercial)

Answer-90% between 20 to 25k and 5%>25k and 5%>30k

2. Should there be an upper limit for financial compensation (an upper limit is so that this is not luring/ enticing egg donors but only compensating)

Answer-50% yes

50% no

2.   Contracts should be in Local Language along with English :

Answer-100% agree

4. Egg sharing from a donor should not decide the dose of medications as donor health and safety are primary concerns: Agree/ Disagree

Answer-100% agree

5. Realistic expectations for number of eggs collected from donor should be given to Intended parents (can be based on antral follicle count scan)and efforts should be made to avoid complications like Hyperstimulation:   Agree/ Disagree

Answer-100% agree

6. List of potential complications should be discussed with the egg donor in Local Language as well as English consent forms:: Agree/ Disagree

Answer-100% agree

7. Who will be responsible for managing any extra care if required after the donation process 
Intended parents 
IVF clinic who did the stimulation or egg collection
ART Bank

Answer-33.3%-intended parents
30%% ivf clinic
36.6%ART bank

8. Screening tests for egg donors as in form from ICMR Website  M2 of the egg donation

Answer 95% agree as per ICMR
5% agree but want Additional  tests as well

9. Egg donor to be compensated fully if the egg collection process is done irrespective of number of eggs collected or quality of eggs or no eggs

Answer- 95% agree irrespective

5% say that if donor has not disclosed history of substance abuse then their compensation must be reduced

10. A form should be filled by the donor stating that she has not donated more than 6 times as per ICMR Rule:: Agree/ Disagree

Answer-100%  agree

11. A gap of at least 3 months should be kept between two egg donations

Answer-50%2 months
33.3% for 3 months
16.33% between 2 to 3 months

12. All centres should have vigilant post operative care as per ICMR and prevailing authority rules

Answer-100% yes

13. Donor anonymity to be maintained strictly.

Answer-100% yes.

Friday, 18 April 2014

From Australia: a gorgeous girl talking about her surrogate and India

From Canada: Surrogacy Builds Families - we are proof!


From the U.S - surrogacy and confidence in India

From Australia - overcoming heartache and becoming a family, thank you India

A message from Families thru Surrogacy

From Canada - Surrogacy Builds Families! Support for INSTAR Surrogacy Walk

From the UK : thank you to our surrogate and to India for compensated surrogacy

Thursday, 17 April 2014

From Europe: Thank you India ...

From Brazil - Surrogacy built our family

Surrogacy builds families, thank you

From Canada : Surrogacy BUILDS Families - thank you to our Surrogate

From the U.S - Surrogacy BUILDS Families


Friday, 28 March 2014

INSTAR, in action...

INSTAR has organized a very prestigious “SURROGACY WALK”, a walk of approximately 4 km in New Delhi

We expect approximately 500 participants which include all those who are directly or indirectly involved in Third Party Reproduction in India. 

This includes Recognized ART consultants from across India, Surrogate Mothers, Families of Surrogate Mothers, International Patients, Babies Born by Surrogacy, Lawyers, Social Workers, NGO’s, ART Banks etc. 

The message of the 'Surrogacy Walk" is SURROGACY BUILDS FAMILIES 

PROGRAM for 20th April 2014
WALK :: 7:00 AM to 8.30 am (4 Km approx.) starts at Nehru Stadium
8:30 am to 9:00 AM PRIZE DISTRIBUTION at Venue of End of Walk 

A Workshop will also be held, with a professional focus which will give Insight into Medical, Legal, Ethical & Social Aspects in Third Party ART in India, with leaders in the field from the legal, medical and government sector sharing the latest up to date information, clarifying questions and sharing current knowledge and expertise.

Workshop ON MEDICAL LEGAL ETHICAL SOCIAL ASPECTS OF THIRD PART ART IN INDIA Details :  at the at RADISSON BLU Near AIRPORT New Delhi between 10 am and 5 pm 

Programme : to be made available shortly
Registration: Please download the form