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Criminalising the personal behaviour of consenting adults on the basis of their sexual preference is totally contrary to their Human Rights. In our practice we have to help couples with different sexual orientation build their families. Our experience says all these parents also make very successful and strong families.

The world is changing its attitude towards sexual orientation of people either in the form of leniency towards their orientation or legalizing their marriage. We all know that this different sexual orientation has been in India since ancient times as documented in our Epics.

The society has also developed a broader outlook towards this issue. We believe that everybody involved directly or indirectly in empowering basic Human Rights should acknowledge individual sexual orientation as their personal issue and not as a criminal act.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

INSTAR - Who we are and our current focus

All members of INSTAR are proud of the work of ICMR in bringing together National guidelines for ART that will guide practice across India in Third Party Reproduction. We are proud to be one of the few countries that will have consistent guidelines for both ART and Third Party Reproduction across the whole country.

As with any complex process the path towards this united view is filled with many voices and opinions’ and this is where INSTAR is focusing its immediate work with:

Advocating for current clients who have engaged in treatment prior to the changes in visa regulations who no longer meet the new visa requirements

Advocating for past clients who have samples stored in India and are unable to proceed with treatment by supporting the ICMR stance on the current draft ART guidelines

And who is INSTAR?

Executive & Committee Members ( as of Nov 2013)

Dr. Anoop Gupta
Dr. Himanshu Bavishi
Dr. Pramod Sharma
Senior Vice President
Dr Samundi Sankari
Senior Vice President
Dr. Rita Bakshi
Vice President
Dr. Vikas Bajaj
Dr. Shivani Sachdev
Mr. Anjum Athar (ANA MED)
Executive Member
Dr. Deepak Goenka
Executive Member
Dr. Deeksha Tyagi
Executive Member
Mr. Vishnukanth Deene
Executive Member
Mr. Indervir Singh
Executive Member
Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili
Executive Member
Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani
Executive Member
Dr. Kaushal Kadam
Executive Member
Mr. Ravi Kumar Sharma
Executive Member
Ms. Radhika Thapar
Executive Member
Dr. Rashmi Sharma
Executive Member
Dr. Rajeev Agarwal
Executive Member
Dr. Richa Sharma
Executive Member
Dr. S. Mani
Executive Member
Dr. Samit Sekhar
Executive Member
Saurabh Kumar (FCI)
Executive Member
Dr. Seema Tripathi
Executive Member
Dr. Sameer Pahlajani
Executive Member
Dr. Vishal
Executive Member

Thursday, 31 October 2013

INSTAR- India’s first research oriented association of Third Party Reproduction in India organized A CME Programme on Surrogacy, Guwahati : Ms Universe 2013 attended and gave her views

Guwahati, 5th October, 2013: President- Dr Bavishi  and Vice President Dr Rita Bakshi  on behalf of INSTAR (Indian Society for Third Party Assisted Reproduction) have organized a panel discussion (CME) to discuss the complexities and challenges of Third Party reproduction in India today. A panel comprising of eminent doctors, lawyers, NGO’s together on a single platform answering the multifaceted questions in relation to surrogates, patients, ethics, best practice and what India role is in the global community today.

Dr S . Mani, Director of Gift fertility centers from Bangalore & Cochin reminds us that “People travel to India because of the excellent standard of Medical care and practice,”   with Dr Richa Sharma from Burn Hall Delhi NCR  adding that “ Third Party Assisted Reproduction or Surrogacy has allowed many couples the joy of having their own child, without surrogacy, this would never happen”

Advocate Inderbeer Singh, Supreme Court and High Court New Delhi explained the complex legalities of surrogacy and the ART Bill  which is due to be passed and also that the contracts should be in the native language and English both

Mr. Saurabh and Mr. Ravi from Art banks would like to share the benefits that being a surrogate has for many women who have chosen to undertake this dedicated role and the difficult approval process that must be undertaken prior to being accepted onto any programme and also the minimum compensation that should be given to the surrogate mothers in the country

Dr Kadam from Corion Fertiity in Mumbai and Dr Seema Pandey from Azamgrah stressed the need for both counselling and screening criteria for both Intended Parents and Surrogate mothers for the welfare of the child and also stressed that there should be clarity on what happens in case of unfortunate events like a miscarriage in terms of care for the surrogate mother

Dr Sameer from Raipur IVF pointed out that it is mandatory that there should be a genetic link with one of the commissioning parents and that the citizenship to the future child in case of International surrogacy should be checked with the concerned Embassy prior to accepting the couple in the program

The current Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo has also seen the benefits of surrogacy first hand, with a close acquaintance having benefited from surrogacy in India, “I am very happy that my dear friend was able to have much wanted and loved baby through the help of India.  I understand that this is the last hope for many and it talks to the excellence of medical practice in India that so many families around the world give India this sacred trust”.

Dr. Samit (Governing council member ) “ Surrogacy is a complex issue, but it would be an error to suggest that those involved in Surrogacy in India have not grappled with the issues that we are going to be conversing during the panel discussion”. Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour and Dr Deene from SCI Healthcare further added that “India has become a world leader, not only in providing surrogacy, but also in attempting to address the multitude of issues that emerge. Dr Rajeev Aggrawal from Care IVf Calcutta added" I see the benefit that Surrogacy affords women who choose to be surrogates, I know that surrogates’ children are staying in school, that families are creating family businesses and that women are learning new skills”

Dr. Deepak Goenka from IHR, Guwahati added that Surrogacy helps both surrogate mother and intended parents. Proper public awareness regarding the procedure is very essential.

International ART Agency owner Dr Mariam Kukunashvilli informed participants that being a psychologist all clinics should have an in depth counselling session before starting treatment
President- Dr Bavishi  and Vice President Dr Rita Bakshi  concluded  by stating that “INSTAR aim is to complement the new ART Guidelines in bringing together the considerable knowledge, skills and expertise that exists in India, showcased by the panel discussion on the 6th, to look forward to setting national standards in best practice and care in Third Party Assisted Reproduction.”

Miss Universe's Speech

Greetings to Honourable  Chief Minister Of Assam Shri Tarun Gogoi and Honourable Governor of Meghalaya  and Honourable  INSTAR President Dr Bavishi and to all the delegates of this Medical Educational Program.

I would like to thank the organizers INSTAR for giving me this wonderful opportunity to express my views on Surrogacy and INSTAR Society.

This is my first visit to India and it has been my great pleasure to come for such a commendable cause –  of Women Empowerment. I feel that to empower and support woman in society is the strength of any nation. It should not be ignored.

One of the most primal things for all of us is having a family, Especially in India to be surrounded by generations of family is  very important. Inability to have children is an enormous stress to anyone who is trying. As far as Indian culture is concerned, inability to have a child comes with feelings of secrecy shame guilt and anxiety. A smaller percentage of families find that the female partner is not able to carry a child. Until recently this has meant the heartbreak of remaining childless but again India has led the way in providing professional competent and affordable treatment through surrogacy

The whole area of assisted reproduction raises may social Ethical medical and Legal issues that are regularly commented on in the media

There is particular concern that any approach in Third Party Reproduction should be one which is fully informed and takes into account a wide range of complex and sensitive concerns involved within an Indian context and with an Indian voice

To this End we have heard today from the members of INSTAR. I am very happy to see INSTAR’s positive and responsible approach to surrogacy in India.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours”  ( Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, 2013)

INSTAR has a motto of Ethics Empower and Research – with this is mind the following KEY RECOMMENDATION has been agreed to:

INSTAR recommends a min compensation of 2.25 lakhs for  surrogate mothers irrespective of state/ city

·        Full compensation after 28 weeks irrespective of the outcome of pregnancy

·        Post delivery care for 6 months free of cost in relation to pregnancy

·        Post miscarriage care for 3 months free of cost and compensation for next month of pregnancy and all medical expenses paid in case if miscarriage

·        Recommendations in case of unfortunate events like ectopic pregnancy/ hysterectomy or rarest case of death

·        Recommendations for Contracts: LOCAL language is a must

·        Recommendations in case the child is born with defects

·        Condemns discrimination of girl child and follow the PCPNDT Act strictly

·        Screening tests for surrogate mothers : recommendations

·        Screening for IPs recommendations made

·        LOCAL Guardian nomination is a must

Our Future Work

RESEARCH done by QUESTIONNAIRE to be presented and published

MORE Research and Publications encouraged

Providing Life Insurance to surrogate mothers