Thursday, 18 September 2014

INSTAR Announces Its First Ever Annual Conference In Mumbai “INSTAR Mumbai – 2014”

INSTAR Announces Its First Ever Annual Conference in Mumbai
“INSTAR Mumbai – 2014”
“How To Practice Third Party Assisted Reproduction Ethically & Within Legal Framework”

To further inform and educate interested parties in ART and third party reproduction, Indian Society for Third Party Assisted Reproduction is organizing a conference on 
Third Party Reproduction on 2nd November at the  J.W.Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai.

INSTAR is a registered society dedicated to the cause of infertility –ART and third party reproduction. 

INSTAR is established with the aim of protecting the rights of all the Parties involved in this treatment process. All members of INSTAR have declared to be morally guided by the National Guidelines for ART published by the ICMR, that guide practice across India in Third Party 

INSTAR intends to organize various activities to bring awareness and 
create positive attitude towards this cause. INSTAR has organized a very prestigious a conference on  " Third Party Reproduction 
"How to practice ethically & within the legal framework" on 2nd November at the J.W.Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai

We expect approximately 500 participants which include all those who 
are directly or indirectly involved in Third Party Reproduction in India. 

Dr.Mrs. Kaushal Kadam
Organizing Chairperson